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Practice Areas
Practice areas
Criminal Law & Corporate Crime

In recent years, corporate/business crime law in Romania has significantly evolved against the background of intensified criminal investigation activities, and an increased number of cases under investigation combined with an increase in the complexity of the allegations subject to investigation.  Proper settlement of a criminal case often requires a multidisciplinary legal approach which goes beyond the substantive and procedural criminal law to include regulations in many other areas, such as taxation, competition, public procurement, management of EU funds, capital markets, financial services, etc. Țuca Zbârcea & Asociații draws on the skills and expertise of its lawyers specialized in such different areas of business law to provide complex legal assistance services to anyone bearing a legitimate interest in a criminal investigation or trial, irrespective their procedural standing.

The efficiency of our services in corporate/business crime law is based on our team’s extensive expertise in criminal law matters and the continuous cooperation between our corporate/business crime lawyers and the firm’s teams specialising in commercial law, corporate law, competition, finance and tax law. Each case is thus approached from multiple angles with a view to enhancing the protection of our client’s interests in a criminal lawsuit or in a situation with potential criminal law implications.

Our range of services covers representation in criminal litigation, as well as legal advice and consultation on various criminal law matters. Our lawyers ensure high-quality defence services tailored to the needs of each case so as to protect the interests of our clients, ranging from public authorities to corporations and individuals. 

Scope of Practice
Corporate/Business Crime Litigation
Țuca Zbârcea & Asociații provides legal assistance and representation services in all stages of a criminal trial and at all levels of the criminal judiciary system, from criminal investigation bodies to the courts of law including the High Court of Cassation and Justice, in regular as well as in special legal procedures. We also assist our clients in determining the strategy in each case depending on the client’s standing in the trial, for an optimum fulfilment of our tasks. Our extensive experience with very complex legal and regulatory issues particularly noticeable in our approach of corruption cases, occupational crime and money laundering cases, as well as intellectual property crime cases, tax evasion and accounting law related crime cases. Our expertise also covers cases involving allegations of financial fraud in the banking and insurance industries, property crime, crimes involving EU funds, public procurement, capital markets, competition law related crimes and corporate crimes. We provide legal assistance and representation services at any stage of the trial, irrespective of the judicial body carrying out the criminal investigation (the judiciary police, regular or specialized prosecutor’s offices, such as the Department for the Investigation of Organised Crime and Terrorism and the National Anticorruption Department) and the court settling a criminal case. As regards the civil side of a case, we always aim for the best possible outcome for our clients, including in respect of the potential financial exposure, liability under civil law or related remedies. Our legal assistance services include seeking compensatory damages and reinstatement, interim measures, special and extended seizure of property, as well as procedures seeking the annulment, in whole or in part, of certain documents.
Corporate/Business Law Crime
Țuca Zbârcea & Asociații provides in-depth, prompt and professional legal advice on any criminal law matter, including by highlighting the potential risks of a particular conduct. We provide complex high-quality legal advice in various domains with a view to protecting clients’ interests in all areas falling under the scope of criminal corporate/business law, including fraud, attempted fraud or non-compliant conduct of our clients’ employees. We also provide legal advice on the full application of criminal law in antitrust and competition matters, including state aid and national or cross-border transactions (mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures etc.).

Leading food companies: legal assistance and representation in complex lawsuits concerned with corruption and tax evasion allegations investigated by the anticorruption authorities [...]
An international tobacco company: legal assistance and representation in complex lawsuits concerned with charges of organized crime violating the regime of trademarks and the free market, for material and moral damages in excess of EUR 2,000,000 [...]
A leading Swiss-based producer of high-precision optical systems and equipment: legal assistance and representation with a view to recovering the damage caused by a former administrator in a complex lawsuit concerned with crimes regulated by the Comp [...]
Robert Roșu
Alexandru Chiciu
Cătălin Curteza
Vlad-Alexandru Gogoneață
Manuela Gornoviceanu
Constantin Matei
Cristian Mitescu
Alis Scutaru

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