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Practice Areas
Practice areas
Data Protection

Țuca Zbârcea & Asociații has developed a significant practice in the data privacy field, in tune with recent years’ increased and thorough supervision of data privacy, both on EU and national levels. Our law firm has not only advised a large number of local and foreign companies already preoccupied of complying with relevant data privacy laws, but it also actively “markets” and stresses the importance of businesses’ serious, continuous and careful consideration of the EU and local norms in the data privacy field.   

Țuca Zbârcea & Asociații has great experience in providing specialised legal advice related to data privacy matters to leading companies from Romania and/or abroad which are operating in a wide range of business fields, such as: medical, pharmaceutical, IT, food industry, furniture industry, telecommunication, financial services providers etc. Our lawyers provide legal advice on the applicable legal framework, as well as noticeable EU and local practice. As such, our legal assistance covers all aspects regarding data privacy, from notifying the local regulatory authority (i.e. the National Supervisory Authority For Personal Data Processing – “ANSPDCP”) on envisaged data processing by data controllers to providing complex analysis covering sensitive data privacy matters. transfer of various categories of data abroad; access to personal data by personnel of companies pertaining to an international group; monitoring of employees, geolocation, call history; creating data bases comprising subjects’ data and use of such data bases by entities other than the collector; legal regime of access to cookies; processing of traffic data; data privacy aspects related to the implementation of cloud computing solutions both for cloud customers as well as for cloud providers, etc.

Scope of Practice
representing clients in front of the local regulatory authority as regards the lodging of notifications on envisaged processing of personal data, submission of requests on issuance of authorisations of international transfer of personal data, as well as in connection with any other matters which fall under ANSPDCP’s authority.
Legal review & drafting of various documents with a data privacy component
review of data processing/ data transfer agreements, internal policies addressed to companies’ employees and management/ rules regarding implementation of various HR tools, documents on whistle-blowing systems, questionnaires regarding Romanian data privacy legal framework (drafted and used in the context of implementation of various transactions/ projects), documents outlining use of cloud computing/ implementation of various IT services, drafting informative materials on rights granted by Romanian data privacy law to individuals whose data are being processed etc.
EU Compliance
interpretation of the Romanian data privacy law in light of the EU legislation.

A local company operating a private hospital pertaining to the international group Amethyst Radiotherapy, a leading medical services provider [...]
A leading Romanian commercial bank: assistance in connection with the legal aspects related to the use of cloud computing by financial institutions [...]
An international law firm: assistance on data protection related obligations incumbent on a UK-based client in capacity of technical services provider for an online platform to be used by Romanian entities (such as banks) in relation to their custome [...]
Ciprian Dragomir
Sergiu Crețu
Bogdan Halcu
Alin Nichifor
Roxana Pană
Florentina Petrișor
Ciprian Timofte
Ana Zaporojan

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